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Tammy Miller is modeled after a girl I new in Elementary, Junior High and High School (also named Tammy) who was the shortest girl in school and in 5th grade she had a growth spurt… that only affected her boobs. I swear her boobs were about 20% of her total body mass after that point. Topless big tits loli school girl version posted to my Pixiv account and totally naked nsfw oppai hentai lolita teen porn version posted at EbenezerSplooge.com

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Safe for work preview of this Sunday’s Hentai Poster Company comic of KimberMac’s mom giving one of her fellow classmates a hand job on the beach. Slightly less SFW cumshot version at NewGrounds, bottom less oppai hentai version at EbenezerSplooge.com, topless MILF giving teen a hand job version at Pixiv and totally NSFW big tits hentai poster version available Sunday at hentai.comicgenesis.com

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SFW oppai hentai illustration of big breasted MILF babe dentist Dr Julia Arthur based on Jennifer Aniston’s nymphomaniac dentist character Dr. Julia Harris from Horrible Bosses and Horrible Bosses 2. NSFW big tits hentai dentist version at Pixiv, and totally naked NSFW uncensored big breasted dentist hentai version at EbenezerSplooge.com and SAFER SFW oppai hentai MILF dentist version at gab.ai/HentaiArt You can also see her getting her big tits body fucked on the beach in front of her teen daughter in a Hentai Poster Company comic.





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Samanthella Mammazon Wytch Elf (parody of the old Warhammer Fantasy Battles Dark Elf Witch Elves) part of the upcoming Mammazon hentai comic reboot or more of story tweak not really wiping out anything. NSFW uncensored Warhammer Witch Elf art at EbenezerSplooge.com, totally naked Warhammer Witch Elf version at NewGrounds.com and topless but slightly SFW hentai version at Pixiv.com.

SFW Seven Deadly Sins hentai art of Merlin Holy Knight parody.

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SFW Seven Deadly Sins hentai porn comic Merlin holy knight big tits art.

Merlynn was inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins manga character Merlin the sin of gluttony. The idea was to make a comic about Unholy Knights  who are being hunted down by Holy Knight Orders similar to the story from the manga but a little different and with a lot more sex. NSFW Seven Deadly Sins oppai hentai Merlin version at EbenezerSplooge.com