SFW Hentai Vintage Game Master of Orion Silicoid like Mineral Race Silioquee.

sfw hentai masteroforion game games

One of the multitude of alien species set in the Portcall Uranus universe, the Silioquee which are a mineral/crystal based life form based on the Silicoids from MicroProse’s Master of Orion ( now owned by Wargaming.net). They tend to view organic races as a rash that can be tolerated but many have a fetish of fucking squishy organics to death. My sci fi game based on Portcall Uranus is NOT going to be politically correct, there’s a lot of sex, slavery, and brutality in it. But, I honestly think that’s how the real extended universe probably is. NSFW hentai gaming porn Master of Orion version available at EbenezerSplooge.com